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folder with Building Hunter construction leads Building Hunter delivers accurate fresh construction leads and market data direct to your inbox every Monday morning. Learn about Residential and Commercial Projects in your area.

Save Hours Each Week

save hours construction projects Building Hunter spends 100′s of man hours each week discovering & verifying 1,000′s of construction projects. Spend your time making money and let Building Hunter do the sales grunt work for you.
  • Get Construction Projects Faster

    Get Construction Leads FasterIn sales, timing is everything so learn about Residential and Commercial Construction Projects right as the decision maker is ready to spend money.
  • Know What’s Happening in Texas

    Construction Leads throughout the State of TexasFind out about the 1,000's of Residential and Commercial Construction Projects taking place in Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio.
    • Providing Sales for a company takes skill and knowledge and I believe that with your companies information it can help any sales rep gain more talent, comfort and expertise within the market. Thanks for the amazing help with breaking into this market!
    • With the Building Permit Report I'm able to see what projects my regular customers have going up and act immediately.