Lead Generation

A custom sales and marketing service that generates new, qualified sales leads for construction businesses of any size.lead gen s2

Spend less time finding sales leads and more time on the job site.

Increase your sales force with a customized sales and marketing solution.  Through a mix of inside sales, email marketing, and implementation of the latest digital marketing technologies, we generate and convert any prospect list into actionable sales opportunities.

Qualified Leads:

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We identify and qualify potential leads based on your criteria.


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We set the appointment or close the sale.  You maintain control over your sales pipeline flow.

Time is Money:

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We manage the sales resources and tools giving you time to work on other aspects of your business while closing more sales and making more money.

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An all-in-one service:

Let BuildingHunter’s highly trained sales professionals introduce your products and services to new leads and markets.  Touch more potential sales leads and increase revenues, while reducing your costs.  Allow our years of sales and management experience to work for you.

Time Management –
We train, recruit, and manage the sales team, allowing you time for other business development areas.

Resource Management –
Housing a sales rep is expensive. Save money on paperclips to desk space with BuildingHunter.

Risk Management –
We take on the role of employer and assume the risks and responsibilities associated with hiring and employing a sales force.

Call BuildingHunter today at 512-377-6177 for a free consultation and see how Lead Generation can work for you.

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How does BuildingHunter Lead Generation work?

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Phase 1: Customize

BuildingHunter works with you to identify your company’s value proposition, the parameters for qualification in the prospect list, the tone and content of the call and email campaigns, and pipeline management. Whether you’re looking for suburban home builders or high-end corporate clients, we will tailor-fit the program to suit your company’s needs.
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Phase 2: Ramp-up

Drafts of project materials and processes are created and submitted to you for review and approval. Sales team members will undergo product-specific training, making sure their knowledge level meets the approval of both BuildingHutner management and your company. BuildingHunter management will work with you to ensure our sales and marketing teams are representative of your company’s brand.
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Phase 3: Execute

Our sales team will start making outbound call efforts on behalf of your company, following up as often as necessary to convert qualified sales leads based on your criteria. Simultaneously, our marketing team will be utilizing email marketing and targeted communications to support our sales team, and gain further exposure for your brand. Through consistent review, our management team will suggest and make changes to ensure you company is getting the most out of our relationship.
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Phase 4: Report

Transparency and accountability will be an integral part of everything that we do. We will work with you to determine the frequency and format of progress reports, making sure you have all of the data and access you need and want.

In the highly competitive construction industry, cost efficient market coverage is essential to beat the competition.  With BuildingHunter Lead Generation, you can be sure that all bases are covered – at a small fraction of the cost.

Call BuildingHunter today at 512-377-6177 for a free consultation and see how Lead Generation can work for you.