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In 2012 we processed over 74,360 Texas building permits through Building Hunter’s 7-stage verification process.

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Building Hunter Construction Lead Reports

If you sell and market your products or services to Home Builders or General Contractors, you’ve come to the right place.

At BuildingHunter, we are in the business of providing accurate, verified and timely construction project leads of the highest quality.

We aren’t in every market…and we don’t want to be…partly cause we hear the Tex-Mex isn’t as good once we leave the state.

We provide construction leads in the: Here’s how it works:

You sign up for a monthly or yearly subscription for the Metro areas you work in.

We send out reports containing Construction Project Leads direct to your email inbox ever Monday Morning…just in time for that first cup of coffee.

You review the reports to find those projects that meet your criteria and approach the builder to submit a bid.

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Discover Building Permits from Around Texas

Exhaustive metro area reporting – We spend a lot of time every day combing over city and county building office in order to find what new projects are about to kick off.

No Stone Unturned – This means that we work dilligently to ensure we never miss out on projects in the market. Unforuantely not every construction project out there gets a Building Permit, but rest assured if it does – we know about it.
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Research Every Construction Lead

Countless Man Hours into Every Project – A lot of the information we gather from city and county building offices is only partial or incomplete.

So we spend time finding out specific details about projects. Such as “What type of commercial projects is it?” or “Who is the Builder on this project?”

Attach a Category to Every Project – Every project on our reports is classified into one of over 20 construction categories so you know the New Single Family Home Projects from the Residential Remodels. Or the Office Finish Outs from New Warehouses.
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Verify the Contact Details

Decision Maker is King – In addition to just discovering and researching details project, you’ll find the verified contact details on every project so you know who to go after.
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Maximize your Sales Efforts

With all this well researched and verified information – You’re able to manage your sales efforts and get more business because you’ll know exactly what’s going on in the market each and every week.
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Details Matter

Construction Project Details – such as job size, construction value, and building type

Job Location – verified job address with street, city, state, and zip

Owner Details – confirmed and verified through data collection process

Contractor Details – confirmed and verified through data collection process

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Construction Project Leads Relevant to You

You’ll find the following construction projects in the Building Permit Report each week:
  • New Single Family Homes
  • New Duplex, Triplex, & Fourplex Homes
  • New Multi Family Apartments & Condos
  • Multi Family Renovations & Additions
  • Residential Renovations & Additions
  • Residential Garages & Carports
  • Guest Houses
  • Residential Swimming Pools & Spas
  • Hotel, Motel & Assisted Living
  • Offices, R&D, & Professional
  • Auto Sales & Services
  • Parking Structures & Carports
  • Retail Space
  • Warehouse & Manufacturing
  • Hospital & Other Medical
  • Churches & Other Religious
  • Educational Institution
  • Parks, Recreation, Entertainment, & RV Park
  • Restaurant and Bar
  • Commercial Renovations, Additions, & Finish Outs
  • Commercial Swimming Pool & Spas
We also offer Pool Permit Reports and Commercial Permit Reports for those companies needing more specialized information.
For every construction project we report on we aim to provide as much detail as possible.
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Receive New Information Weekly

Every Monday morning you’ll receive the newest copy of the Building Permit Report with all the projects we found and verified the week prior.
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Act Before the Competition

The moment a Building Permit is pulled the clock begins ticking.

It’s essential that you are able to act and act quick on new construction projects in your local market in order be able to bid before the competition.

Do you need to know when the largest volume builder began a new subdivision so you can go bid it?  Or when the smaller custom builder started his most recent half million dollar project?  With a subscription to Building Hunter you’ll know all these projects and more.
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