About Building Hunter

As construction industry veterans, our founders know firsthand how valuable a steady stream of clients are to the success of your company.  Our Construction Lead Reports and Lead Generation services were created to do just that.  Developed and tested in the field, our founders have seen exactly how these tools can increase closing ratios and revenues, and drastically decrease the time and money spent pursuing each sales lead.
Building Hunter’s Construction Lead Report delivers hundreds of building permit leads to your door weekly.  Through our Project and Contractor Verification system we are able to provide you with accurate project  and decision maker data.  Now all you have to decide is who you want to call!
Time is money.  We here at Building Hunter know that.   Our Lead Generation system was designed to give you more time.  How?  Building Hunter will work directly with you to develop a customized sales and marketing campaign, allowing you to take advantage of our years of sales and sales management expertise.This seamless integration will help you close more business, increase profitability, and free up your time for other tasks or playing golf!
We are staffed with researchers, computer programmers, and construction industry veterans who strive to deliver value to our clients every day.

The Story


I can still remember my first sales calls in the Construction Industry.  I searched on Google for ‘Austin Builders’ not quite sure what I would find.  I stumbled on a list of builders who serviced the Austin area and began picking up the phone to wow them with my sheer sales brilliance…I thought.

The moment I heard some one say ‘Hello’ on the other end of the line I would bulldoze the poor fella on the other end of the line telling them all about me, my products, and how I could revolutionize their business.  Many would kindly say ‘thanks, but no thanks’ and some would just end the call by hanging up.  Realizing quickly this wasn’t the best path to success I reckoned there had to be a better way to get my message and products out there into the marketplace.

In hindsight my efforts were in the right place as I was just trying to get out there and do something, but I wasn’t fully dialed in.  The one thing I was completely oblivious to in my efforts was finding out if the builder actually had a project going on where he could use my services.  I quickly learned that if I could target builders with active projects and upcoming projects I was a lot more likely to sell my products.
I started searching for all the different ways to find builders who acutually had projects going up.  Armed with a staple gun, I would stop at new projects and staple a brochure and business card to the frame hoping to get a call back.  Or follow the local building distributor trucks hoping to find out where they were going.  After going through a few boxes of staples and business cards I thought ‘there’s gotta be a better way.’
Out of this frustration a process was born to find builders who were active and actually had projects to bid on.  By visiting local building department offices I knew I could find out about projects before the competition and typically while the builder was still in the planning stage.  The Building Permit Report was born.
Our mission at BuildingHunter is to find the Construction Projects for you and deliver them in a comprehensive, precise, and timely weekly report.